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Digital Continuity


Let’s start a real conversation with customers To start a real conversation with your customers, it takes more than clarity of vision. You need a shared commitment to customer satisfaction across the company. Everyone needs to be on the same page listening and sharing your vision, sharing the knowledge to ...

Transit Translation Memory tool


Latest release offers enhanced functionality for project managers and translatorsSTAR Group has now released Service Pack 9 for Transit NXT, Translation Memory solution, offering over 80 new functions and improvements to existing features. This new release is available free of charge. A key benefit to boost quality assurance is a ...

Intelligent Content


Intelligent Content and Customer Experience in the New EraOriginally published by Matthias Gutknecht  Customer experience management and Industry 4.0 are two of the most important trends in recent years. But what does customer experience management mean in an Industry 4.0 world? How are customer expectations and customer service evolving in a ...

What’s your visual content strategy?


The world is changing. What’s your visual content strategy? A picture may be worth a thousand words. But just how do you What if you can imagine a world and then create it virtually? That’s what Alan Guerzoni, CGI/VFX artist at STAR Engineering does every day. Alan shared his recent ...