Language Services

Professional language translation services grow international markets rapidly.

To capture global opportunities quickly, you need the experience and scalability that only a world leader in professional language services can deliver. With local offices in 30 countries, we’re your local partner around the world. We translate your vision into the language of your customers around the world and help accelerate your global content delivery. Whatever your language translation need, urgency or scope, we’ll bring strategic thinking, industry expertise, the finest professionals, proven methodologies and powerful, reliable technologies. Certified to quality standards ISO 9001 and EN 15038, we use proven methodologies and operate as a transparent, trusted member of your team, executing your vision so that you succeed in a competitive global marketplace. Count on us. We’re trusted by many of the world’s most successful companies.


A well-localized product, service or brand will appear designed from within a specific culture and market, developed in a language which engages your local customer.

Product Information

Gain a strategic advantage for your business. Transform your after sales information into a vital asset, increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs and time to market.


Let’s empower your staff in any language while ensuring compliance and managing risk. Every company is in the media business now to get their message heard.

Global Network

You need a company with a global reputation for language excellence to put you on the map.

We have around-the-clock talent in 50 locations across 30 countries, supporting you with content strategy and language services in 200 languages. Our 1,000 staff and 3,000 professional translators worldwide are dedicated to providing whatever your need. We’re ready to scale up to meet your peak production, manage agile content creation and translation and handle urgent projects.
At STAR, we’ve developed some of the most powerful and reliable technologies for centralized language management. Whether you need at-a-glance delivery status, reporting, workflow, review or enterprise-level multilingual content management, we have the right blend of fully integrated technologies offering the best reliability on the market.
Over 30 years we’ve ranked among the best established companies in content strategy and language services on the market. As your partner, we’ll tailor scalable services to help with single projects or transactions up to enterprise solutions.

Whatever your language need, we’re here to help.

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Quality Assurance

How do you make sure global content is accurate, consistent, relevant and under control?

Credibility, brand, legal and regulatory compliance depend on maintaining the right quality across your global content in the face of growing volumes, media and languages. We’ll help you centralize and take control of your translation efforts and we’ll apply, record and report rigorous quality-assurance. We work to become an extension of your local team and a global partner working toward common goals, always willing to go that extra mile. We’ll store your corporate terminology and Translation Memory to ensure smart re-use. We’ll minimize, streamline and automate processes, while applying quality steps to ensure the right quality every time.

Let’s deliver accuracy, quality and consistency in any language.

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Global Readiness

The more content and languages you deliver, the more painful, time-consuming and costly translation can be.

At STAR, we’re dedicated to lowering the burden of translation. We’re here to help make translation management as easy as possible for you, while lowering costs and time to market on the way. Before translation starts, we can support you with globalization and internationalization services. We’ll review go-to market strategies, original content and technologies to engineer the most efficient localization process tailored to your business while remaining relevant to your customers around the world. We know how to write to ensure clarity and consistency in your content, graphics and media while ensuring they are culturally appropriate for your local customers in any language. We’ll partner with your local champions worldwide to build consensus during our translation activities to minimize the time for their local approval. We’ll help engineer content for the translation process to save you money and time to market across all languages.

Let’s speak with your customers in their language while reducing the burden on you!

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Global Expertise

How can you language services partner understand your business?

We go the extra mile to understand your company, products and services as you do so that we can translate your vision and engage your customers in any language. We carefully select industry experts across 30 countries who work tirelessly to integrate within your business. We’ll help build your terminology system and style guides across languages to stay on message, while streamlining the workflow to be lean and agile. We’ll apply proven methods, automating workflow and channeling expertise to deliver great local content. The translation process is managed by project and account managers working continuously to improve our effectiveness thanks to decades of experience and some of the most powerful language technologies available. To become your trusted partner, we will dedicate the same reliable players. We can also scale up thanks to one of the largest global networks – 1,000 staff and 3,000 translators worldwide established over 30 years.

We’re ready to change with your business and content needs, here when you need us for new languages or assignments and peak volumes.

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