Are you translating your vision into global brands that are loved?

Corporate leaders who create great brands bring everyone to the same table, inspiring creativity while ensuring compliance. You need a reliable world leader to translate your mission in any language. At STAR, our expertise has been established over 30 years. Located in 30 countries, trust our proven track record for any type of corporate communication, including legal, patent, financial, investment, compliance, ethical guidance, training, marketing and brand management. We’re available around the clock to scale up language services while ensuring accuracy, confidentiality and security. Our advanced, integrated technologies integrate any file format or system and mean information is easy to update and accessible since it is connected as any component in a manufacturing system. A world of opportunity. Let’s make corporate communications successful for all markets!

Finance & Banking

How do you know whether financial translations are carried out accurately?

Closest attention to detail, accuracy and consistency are crucial. At STAR, we operate a division serving financial and banking institutions. We select and dedicate the finest professional translators who are experts in your industry, as well as quality assurance reviewers and management team with proven knowledge to meet the specific criteria of every type of project and component we handle. We assure confidentiality and security at all times and meet the rigorous criteria of many of the world’s most prestigious banking and financial institutions. Established 30 years, we’re one of the most experienced global content provider on the market. In 50 locations across 30 countries, you can count on our proven expertise to deliver reliable, high quality financial translation. We go that extra mile to ensure terminology is translated accurately and consistently in any language.

Make every word count. Let’s deliver accuracy and compliance in every language!

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Corporate Governance

How do you maintain the highest ethical standards and corporate governance in any language?

You need a translation partner with proven expertise. At STAR, we provide accurate and consistent translation of corporate governance, including compliance, ethical guidance and conflict of interest guidelines to support your global workforce. We select and dedicate global language experts skilled in corporate governance with the closest attention to detail. We take accuracy very seriously and will ensure all necessary expertise to handle terminology consistently and ensure we always stay on message and in compliance.

Manage risk and ensure compliance. Let’s empower your staff in any language.

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Are you creating marketing communication that is ready for a global marketplace?

To engage customers in any culture you need a world leader in language services to translate your compelling content into the language of your customers. With locations in 30 countries, we’re your local partner around the world to shape your global strategy. To start a real conversation with your customers in any language, we’ll co-create your global and local product marketing campaigns. We’ll partner with you to prepare content for localization and manage your terminology consistently. We’ll prepare style guides to stay on message and promote clarity, consistency and fidelity in any language. We put everyone on the same page to work for common measurable goals. Our advanced, integrated technologies integrate with any file format or system and mean information is easy to update and accessible since it is connected as any component in a manufacturing system.

Compelling content. Let’s personalize your message for your customers around the world!

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Multimedia, Video & Voice

How do you take advantage of video, multimedia and voice to speak to your customers?

Video is one of the most influential ways to increase your audience and promote user and customer satisfaction. We provide powerful multimedia, video and voice products to engage and entertain in any language for any culture. We’ll be your local voice around the world offering cultural assessment before starting work. We’ll design and produce multimedia to be fully integrated within your engineering systems. Our virtual reality animations go inside products and assemblies to show how they work and how users can easily operate them. We’ll provide broadcast-quality voice over or subtitling, using professional talent in any language and we’ll manage review and post production to give you a final go-to-market deliverable. Whatever the content from professional to user generated content, we’ll tailor the localization solution that works. We’ll engineer an elegant manufacturing system to integrate multimedia products within your overall global content strategy and we’ll make it easy and cost effective.

Bring your message to life. Let’s give corporate communication a voice to engage audiences everywhere!

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