A well-localized product, service or brand will feel as if designed within the target market and culture, and engage your local customer in their language.

At STAR, we have supported world leading companies to localize their products, services, software, apps and digital channels to provide immersive experiences for your customers in their local language. We go beyond translation to partner with your planning, marketing, design, engineering and in-country teams on the ground at your locations to build a successful localization plan. Let’s upgrade your global readiness.

Digital & Web

Start a real conversation with your customers.

We bring all parties to the table to unify content so that from first contact to customer care, we provide relevant, seamless content and work continuously to improve customer support worldwide. We’re ready to handle a wide range of systems, formats and media with powerful, reliable technologies for smart management of accessible terminology, Translation Memory and content repositories. We shape your digital strategy blending global and local campaigns, evaluating global readiness and optimizing your content to deliver relevant, engaging and personalized content. This includes animation and audio visual products that bring your messages to life.

Deliver the right message in the right language on any device or media.

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Customers expect to navigate your products and services intuitively in their own language.

Products and services are continuously evolving with enhanced features. You’re serving more markets and need to reach everyone faster. Localization may be the final barrier to grow your markets worldwide. At STAR, our specialist teams of localization experts are trusted by many of world leading companies to globalize their products and services. As your partner, we work side-by-side to make your products and services world ready before localization. We support any type of project, format and media. We scale up to meet peak production, adopt agile engineering and localization sprints while being flexible for last minute urgent tasks. We’ve developed some of the most powerful localization technologies that will handle any file format or media and provide dynamic visual preview so that translators can see context and translate more accurately. Our technologies are the highest performing, most reliable tools available to manage workflow and the growing complexity of global content.

Get localization right first time. Let’s take control.

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We’re more connected than ever and customers expect to use apps on smart phones, tablets and a limitless number of new touch devices in their own language.

When localization works well, your native or Web app will make global users feel as if it was designed within their culture and be responsive to their device. At STAR, we deploy tested methods and reliable technology to localize apps quickly and efficiently. Whether your app is deployed on iOS, Android or Web, we focus on making content ease to understand, avoiding abbreviated language. We’ll review strings and content for ‘translatability’ before localizing a single word. We will work with to ensure great navigation, minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.

Stay on message. Let’s speak to your customers in their language.

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