Product Information

In the race to launch new products with diminishing margins, is it enough to provide accurate and on-time product information?

At STAR, we’ve developed one of the most advanced customer care solutions anywhere to put you ahead of the competition. We know how to manage the end-to-end supply chain from design to manufacture, from engineering to information architecture, from content creation to translation, from technical or commercial training to customer care, from CGI animation to traditional media, including printing, logistics and distribution. We work inside some of the largest companies in the world to bring all parties and departments to the same table. Powerful integrated technology synchronizes information with your manufacturing and business processes so that everyone is up-to-date and connected with the right information. Beat the competition. Let’s deliver information customers want.

User Information

Transform product information into a business asset.

The information you give users provides a great opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, enhance the brand and reputation of your company while protecting against product liability. The pressure never stops to shorten time to market, reduce costs, while the volume of information, media, devices and languages are growing. The challenges have never been higher. You have to deliver more with fewer resources, reduce your budget spend and acquire new skills. At STAR, we have 30 years’ expertise to support you with scalable solutions from content creation to information architecture, from translation and review to desktop publishing, from traditional waterfall workflows to agile sprints. We provide animations, audio visual products, printing, logistics and distribution. Our powerful reliable technology automates processes to leave the supply chain free to add the vital new information that sets your business apart.

Reach customers faster. Let’s reduce the burden.

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Dealers & Workshops

How do you speed up the time for dealers and technicians to maintain and repair products?

Our solution for information continuity connects design, engineering, manufacture with customer care. We partner with advanced manufacturing companies to deliver high performance after-sales support, saving money, reaching markets faster, while increasing customer satisfaction. We bring all parties to the table, connecting systems and functions, including quality, training, workshop, standard repair times, troubleshooting, wiring, electrical systems and customer feedback. We design an advanced delivery system connecting users to the information they need to solve problems quickly and find the right information fast. STAR Engineering provides virtual reality solutions, including animations and audio visual products to take users inside assemblies and products. We host worldwide customer care centers and provide insight for the next generation of features and products to marketing, planning and design. We’ve brought to life some of the most advanced after sales solutions on the market, where information is easy to update because it is connected as any component within a manufacturing system.

Create competitive advantage. Let’s engineer product support to increase customer satisfaction!

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How do you support trainers and dealers with relevant up-to-date information in any language?

Transform the mountains of technical information into real insight in the workshop, classroom and remotely. At STAR, we think as engineers and trainers to design, curate and deliver powerful commercial and technical training solutions. We provide comprehensive translation, localization, live and in-person interpreting services for any market, in any language. We’ve worked inside some of the most advanced manufacturing companies to unify departments into a training plan with materials that deliver up-to-date valuable insight. We blend traditional training materials with animation, video and audio books. Our virtual reality solutions help trainers to go inside engineering, manufacturing assemblies to lessen hands-on work traditionally done in the workshop.

Provide real insight. Let’s provide advanced up-to-date training in any language.

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Product Marketing

How do you bring everyone into the conversation with your customers?

It’s a major challenge to bring all parties to the same table, navigate the sea of information and make the most out of a global marketplace. To engage customers in any culture you need a world leader in language services. With locations in 30 countries, we’re your local partner around the world to shape your global strategy. To start a real conversation with your customers in any language, we’ll co-create your global and local product marketing campaigns. We’ll partner with you to prepare content for localization and manage your terminology consistently. We’ll prepare style guides to stay on message and promote clarity, consistency and fidelity in any language. We put everyone on the same page to work for common measurable goals. Our advanced, integrated technologies integrate with any file format or system and mean information is easy to update and accessible since it is connected as any component in a manufacturing system.

Compelling content. Let’s deliver the right message in the right language!

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Multimedia, Video & Voice

Are you taking advantage of video, multimedia and voice to speak to your customers and start a conversation?

Every company is in the media business now. Video is one of the most influential ways to increase your audience and promote user and customer satisfaction. We provide powerful multimedia, video and voice products to engage and entertain in any language for any culture. We’ll be your local voice around the world offering cultural assessment before starting work. We’ll design and produce multimedia to be fully integrated within your engineering systems. Our virtual reality animations go inside products and assemblies to show how they work and how they can easily operate them. We’ll provide broadcast-quality voice over or subtitling, using professional talent in any language and we’ll manage review and post production to give you a final go-to-market deliverable. Whatever the content from professional to user generated content, we’ll tailor the localization solution that works. We’ll engineer an elegant manufacturing system to integrate multimedia products within your overall global content strategy and we’ll make it easy and cost effective.

Bring your message to life. Let’s give it a voice using storytelling and entertainment principles!

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Interpretation is one of the most demanding language services.

You need the most qualified and experienced language professionals to deliver accuracy on-the-spot without delay and no time for review. Partner with a global leader you can depend on with locations worldwide for events, meetings conferences, negotiations, interviews or presentations. Whether you need language professional in-person or working remotely – delivering consecutive, simultaneous interpreting – we’ll arrange the right technology and carefully select the right experts, who arrive well prepared to make your event successful. With locations in 30 countries supporting 200 languages, we’ll partner to make your events and conferences anywhere successful in any language.

Accuracy under pressure. Let’s partner to make your live events always a success!

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