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Specialists in the aerospace and defense industries since 1984.

STAR delivers the highest technical accuracy across any language. Our global content specialists are aerospace and military subject matter experts, following rigorous processes, proven methodologies and integrating semantically-enriched content creation, management and language technologies.

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Every year, STAR manages the creation and translation of millions of words of technical information in aerospace and defense. Our technical publication teams are responsible for information development and translation, in full compliance with international standards. We also implement proven methodologies and integrate semantically-enriched content creation, management and language technologies to ensure smart re-use and consistency. Security and confidentiality are our highest priorities, STAR is a reliable resource for your global product deployment and ready for even the toughest and most demanding assignments.

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Aerospace and military standards compliance.


Terminology, authoring and translation expertise.


30 years’ proven track record and worldwide network.


Major cost and time savings thank to re-use during authoring and translation.


Single source partner for authoring, translation, printing, software and logistics operations.


We serve world leaders in aerospace and defense.