Industrial-scale multilingual solutions for complex engineering environments.

At STAR, we establish global teams – all subject matter experts in content strategy, authoring, translation and interpreting around the needs of each customer and project. We bring expertise onsite to manage long-term assignments across a wide range of industries ranging from chemicals, electronics, mechanical engineering to infrastructure.

Services & Technologies

Long-term and complex projects such as site or factory construction projects overseas require enterprise scalability. At STAR, we dedicate a global information supply chain – with committed professionals in all roles: leadership, project management, authoring, translation, interpreting, who are all selected as experienced reliable professionals, and always ready to go that extra mile. A team leader is appointed as a single point of contact to supervise efforts and teams to ensure on-time, reliable and quality-assured deliverables. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with a wide range of formats and systems, in 200 languages and we’re trusted by world leading companies. STAR implements proven methodologies and integrates semantically-enriched content creation, management and language technologies to control and manage costs to streamline even the largest or most complex projects.

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STAR solutions selected by engineering customers:

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Partner to many of the world’s major engineering groups.


Leader in global solutions in After Sales information.


Engineering and technical management of authoring, translation of technical information.


3,000 staff, 3,000 translators, 50 locations in 30 countries.


Streamlined, central management for authoring, translation and publishing of all knowledge assets.


Major cost and time savings thanks to consolidation of information life cycle during authoring and translation.