Government & Public Institutions

Accuracy – across the organization. Delivering relevant global content as insight.

Government and public utlilities demand enterprise global content which delivers technically accurate, efficient, cost-effective and relevant information on-demand. At STAR, we provide enterprise solutions in up to 200 languages.

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When you need to multi-purpose vast amounts of content for multiple outputs, and keep costs down you need a world leader in global information to streamline, simplfy and structure content in any language. At STAR, we provide unified content strategy combined with efficient execution of global information in any language. We help you structure global content through the life cycle and translate its value across any language. Thanks to STAR’s integrated content creation, management and language technologies and our industry expertise, we design, engineer and manufacture the most efficient content factory, optimising information and omni-channel plublishing with transparent reporting so that you remain in charge of essential services and budgets. We help to transform information into an asset delivering best value in any language.

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Government & Public Institutions have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Government & Public Institutions have selected the following STAR technologies:



Top 6 World ranking language and technology services company with locations in 50 locations, across 30 countries.



Expert resources in 30 countries, dedicated to continuous excellence, quality assurance and timely delivery even during production peaks.



Integrated, simplified processes and technologies to manage global information development, translation and publishing on ever more devices and media.


Time & Cost Saving

Best efficiency gains thanks to content optimization and information reuse through the global content life cycle.


Enterprise Solutions

Full Liner: Our pioneering solution to bring everyone into one conversation by connecting departments to unify the information life cycle.



We’re the premier partner to major Government & Public Institutions around the world.