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Scalable, responsive and agile. At STAR, we have a long and dependable history serving enterprise localization solutions to IT and software companies.

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Over 30 years, we have provided scalable localization solutions for many of our customers including many of the largest players in IT and software solutions. Providing single language up to multi-lingual solutions, we’re experienced in handling peak volumes, urgent tasks as well as seamless integration with agile localization sprints. We’re ready to be part of your engineering team as you get ready for internationalization. Managing a wide range of projects and formats, we apply proven methodologies and integrate semantically-enriched content creation, management and language technologies. Partner with STAR and you’ll work with a reliable global leader who combines custom-built solutions, global scalability with tight control of costs and reporting.

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IT & Software companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

IT & Software companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Ranked among the 6th best language and technology services companies in the world with 50 locations, across 30 countries.


Expert resources in 30 countries, dedicated to continuous excellence, quality assurance and timely delivery even during peak production times.


Integrated, simplified processes and technologies to manage global information development, translation and publishing on ever more devices and media.

Time & Cost Saving

Best efficiency gains thanks to content optimization and information reuse through the global content life cycle.


We’re ready to integrate internationalization and adopt agile localization sprints to integrate within your development plans, systems and go-to-market needs.

Enterprise Solutions

A full line of services: Our pioneering solution to bring everyone into one conversation by connecting departments to unify the information life cycle.