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Exclusivity demands dedication. Communicate your brand in any language.

Since 1984, STAR has been working with luxury brands with their global communications. We personalize our content solutions meticulously, supporting your global advertising, marketing, fulfillment, training, After Sales, customer care and much more across 200 languages.

Services & Technologies

Passion for customer service, finest attention to detail, effortless efficiency. Thanks to our global network in 50 locations, across 30 countries, we establish local teams managed centrally and fully dedicated to each of our customers. Dedicated project managers, copywriters, translation/adaption/review teams work tirelessly to deliver the ultimate brand message and experience in any language. Our suite of technology solutions provide customers the added flexibility to personalize their global content needs including adaption and transcreation with instructions that take just a few clicks.

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Luxury Goods & Services companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Luxury Goods & Services companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Transparent, centralized global content delivery solution by industry experts.


6th top language services and technology company worldwide.

Group Network

3,000 staff, 3,000 translators, 50 locations in 30 countries.


Integrated, simplified processes and technologies to manage global information development, translation and publishing on ever more devices and media.

Time & Cost Saving

Best efficiency gains thanks to content optimization and information reuse through the global content life cycle.


We’re the premier partner to major Luxury companies around the world.