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At STAR, we provide audio-visual and multimedia products for corporate, marketing, sales, advertising, training, product/service support legal, financial functions and much more.

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Video accounts for more and more online traffic and is one of the most influential ways to get your products and services noticed.
At STAR, we engineer an elegant manufacturing system to integrate multimedia and audio-visual products within your overall global content strategy and we’ll make it easy and cost effective. We’ll be your local voice around the world offering cultural assessment before starting work. Using storytelling and entertainment principles, we partner with you to engage, entertain and influence your audience with the finest quality video, voice and multimedia products. Our solution features video and audio production/post production, art and graphics localization, 2D/3D VXF animation, transcription, subtitle translation and production, transcreation, adaption, and voice overs performed by professional voice talent in any language. Our media-savvy project directors, leverage traditional terminology and Translation Memory solutions for smart localization across media and they direct a dedicated global supply chain of professionals. Whether projects may be large or small, urgent or standard, our teams always go that extra mile to deliver.

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Media & Publishing Companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Media & Publishing companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Top 6 World ranking language and technology services company with locations in 50 locations, across 30 countries.



Professional expertise in 30 countries, dedicated to continuous excellence, quality assurance and timely delivery even during production peaks.



Professionals in video, voice and multimedia combine with Mother-tongue, in-country translation/adaption/quality assurance langauge teams and voice talent.



30 years experience as one of the most experienced language solutions companies in the world



Content optimization thanks to content strategy with highest re-use during translation across media and formats.


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Full Liner: Our pioneering solution to bring everyone into one conversation by connecting departments, components and media to unify your message.