Sports & Sports Equipment

Global information delivery to the world of sports.

Since the Winter Olympics in Turin, STAR has provided language solutions for major international sporting events. We also partner with many of the world’s leading sports equipment companies and provide a range of globalization services.

Services & Technologies

Quick, accurate and agile, STAR is a leader in global information readiness. As service partner to international sporting events, we provide public relations, communication, and interpret and post news events in any language. Our responsive, scalable and dependable solutions, are managed by project managers who are specialists in sporting event communications. We serve sports equipment companies with centrally-managed language solutions. Our semantically-enriched content creation, management and language technologies provide automated workflows directing tasks to the finest professional language teams, trusted to provide the highest quality global communication consistently. We manage terminology, Translation Memory and all knowledge assets to promote consistency while reducing efforts, costs and delivery timeframes. Stay ahead of your competition with our world leading global solutions.

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Sports & Equipment companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Sports & Equipment companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Ranked among the 6th best language and technology services companies in the world with 50 locations, across 30 countries.


Expert resources in 30 countries, dedicated to continuous excellence, quality assurance and timely delivery even during production peaks.


Integrated, simplified processes and technologies to manage global information development, translation and publishing on ever more devices and media.

Time & Cost Saving

Best efficiency gains thanks to content optimization and information reuse through the global content life cycle

Enterprise Solutions

A full line of services: Our pioneering solution to bring everyone into one conversation by connecting departments, components and media to unify your message.

Agile Solutions

We’re ready to integrate with your processes and systems flexibly to deliver an agile global content solution which responds to your business needs.