Language Technologies

Our high performance technologies accelerate your global delivery.

At STAR, we continuously develop our language technologies to accelerate your global success. As a leader in professional language services, our solutions are engineered with advanced, comprehensive functionality in mind. Over 30 years, we’ve pioneered tools and innovative approaches including one of the earliest Translation Memory tools. Language management is fully integrated within our global content delivery system, engineered to deliver unrivaled performance. Modular, scalable technologies intelligently manage workflow, terminology, Translation Memory and advanced Machine Translation. Our language technologies assist, automate, direct and support efficient translation, providing solid reliability and transparency to track every step of the translation process. Reach markets faster, reduce translation costs and gain efficiency in global content delivery.


Industrial-strength Translation Memory that delivers smart re-use with enterprise scalability.

STAR Transit Translation Memory (TM) was one of the first Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools on the market developed over 25 years ago. Since then, we have continuously added and refined features, while still delivering one of the highest performance solutions on the market. Transit offers ready integration with diverse systems and file formats, supporting industry standards promoting information exchange. Context is important, but essential for right-first time localization of software, apps and multimedia. STAR Transit provides preview, context and layout dynamically to help translators deliver accuracy the first time. Transit balances the benefits from accessing big data, with file-based semantic search to deliver the right re-use with the right context every time. Supporting over 200 languages, the latest features of Transit include:

  • Cross-project multidirectional Translation Memory.
  • Built-in semantic terminology management with multimedia data storage.
  • Enhanced TM maintenance.
  • TM Container, smart re-use technology combining big data scalability, with rich context re-use.
  • Ready System Integration (with wide range of CMS), for fully, semi-automated, agile translation workflows.
  • Even easier integration of STAR MT Machine Translation technology.

Transit: Translation Memory technology that delivers advanced performance and reliability, every time.

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How is your terminology performing to promote accuracy and consistency in any language?

TermSTAR is our advanced terminology technology and comes fully integrated within our language workbench. Terminology is critical to deliver excellence in translation. Industry or company-specific key words, acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations can be bottlenecks to scaling your content efficiently. If applied wrongly or misunderstood, your key words risk undermining accuracy and credibility. Since key words are often repeated, any inaccuracy or inconsistency may then resonate through your entire global content. At STAR, we have proven methods and terminologists to organize your terminology with clear rules of usage together with advanced technologies to ensure compliance. Powerful TermSTAR enables users to qualify terms comprehensively with attributes to add usage, synonym/antonym, image, multimedia and more. The solution also features advanced morphology to recognize a term in various forms to promote consistency across all content. By using words accurately and consistently, you will deliver more effectively on your message, ensure technical accuracy, lower your costs and speed up time to market.

TermStar: Technology and expertise to build and manage your terminology in any language.

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Do you have online access to your terminology?

WebTerm from STAR is our role-based portal which provides you direct access to your terminology – those industry or company-specific key words, acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations which are critical to accuracy and consistency. WebTerm helps you stay on the same page and work consistently to a common terminology with full access to usage and context in any language. At STAR, we have proven methods and terminologists to organize your terminology with clear rules of usage together with advanced technologies to ensure compliance. WebTerm provides a useful tool to be accurate and consistent in your terminology.

WebTERM: Take control of terminology and lower your language costs and speed up time to market.

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How do you work with your local language reviewers to approve translation?

WebCheck from STAR provides a collaborative portal to speed up translation approval by your local champions or dealers. We’ve engineered methods and solutions to lighten their burden and we’ll take care of the process for you. At STAR, we welcome the chance to learn from your local experts. We connect our language professionals, while ensuring terminology and Translation Memories are updated automatically upon approval. We’re aware translation review is an additional task often undertaken under time pressure, requiring governance, collaboration and careful supervision to ensure success. You need experts, methods and technology that control review tasks to avoid slippage, plus an easy-to-use interface for your reviewers to comment and approve translations fast. Our Web-, and role-based solution provides a range of features, including:

  • Fast and easy review interface available wherever your specialists are located in the world.
  • Full editing, commenting and approval workbench with verification checks.
  • Workbench editor with dynamic page layout (side-by-side).
  • Subtitling translation, synchronized with running video (side-by-side).
  • Task and role-based workflow with real-time status.
  • Integration with language technologies and Translation Memory.

WebCheck: Take control of your in-country review to speed up local approval!

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Are you using the highest performing, reliable translation management system on the market?

STAR’s Corporate Language Management System (CLM) is our enterprise-level Translation Management System (TMS). As a pioneer in technologies accelerating translation delivery, integrate all processes, players and multilingual assets with:

  • Web-based dashboard with at-a-glance status and workflow.
  • Fully configurable role- and task-based single, parallel or diverse workflows.
  • Global supply chain project management with automated customized instructions and project packages.
  • Performance analysis, financial control and reporting.
  • Archive Management, with semantic intelligence to speed up information retrieval.
  • Ready integration with your business systems.

We understand language management. We have intentionaly designed our technologies with users in mind to deliver functionality and speed up accuracy in any language. We unify and integrate global content delivery, promoting excellence in any language.

CLM speeds up global success with advanced, reliable language technologies.

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