Workflow Engineering

How integrated are your knowledge sharing processes?

We offer enterprise-scale or modular workflows to fit your parallel, diverse and changing business needs, including transition to agile sprints supporting continuous global delivery. We design elegant role- and task- based workflows, automating processes to leave knowledge workers free to add value thanks to great global content. Our technologies keep track of every task, milestone and activity to provide real-time and deep-dive statistics that enable continuous improvement. Deliver global content workflow as a manufacturing assembly line.


How do you deliver continuity through the information life cycle?

STAR’s Document Management System (SDM) is a highly configurable workflow solution to deliver continuity through the information life cycle. Our modular, scalable workflow enables you to manage and keep track of content creation, sharing, translation, review, multi-channel publishing, printing and logistics. Enterprise and scalable workflow allows you to customize and configure functionality, roles and privileges based on your needs. SDM also provides advanced and transparent productivity reporting to measure every task. Our secure, robust technology is trusted by many of the world’s most successful companies.

SDM makes your global content work for you!

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How do you manage workflows across the enterprise to ensure faster development and approval of information?

STAR’s Corporate Process Management technology (CPM) provides an elegant manufacturing assembly line where process automation leaves knowledge workers free to focus on delivering accurate information. Some of the world’s leading manufacturing, life science, banking and financial institutions have customized CPM to operate their information delivery and approval systems. Powerful and secure technology developed over 30 years at STAR provides the industrial-strength reliability you need. Workflows may be configured based on business requirements to support single, parallel and diverse processes. Role and task-based functionality and reporting provides all the control you need to master the workflow. Engineered with scalability in mind, CPM supports product-specific approval procedures, archive management, warranty management systems and more.

CPM: Let us help build and automate your global content process with confidence.

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Are you using the highest performing, reliable translation management system on the market?

STAR’s Corporate Language Management System (CLM) is our enterprise-level Translation Management System (TMS). As a pioneer in technologies accelerating translation delivery, we integrate all processes, players and multilingual assets with:

  • Web-based dashboard with at-a-glance status and workflow.
  • Fully configurable role- and task-based single, parallel or diverse workflows.
  • Global supply chain project management with automated customized instructions and project packages.
  • Performance analysis, financial control and reporting.
  • Archive Management, with semantic intelligence to speed up information retrieval.
  • Ready integration with your business systems.

We understand language management. We have intentionaly designed our technologies with users in mind to deliver functionality and speed up accuracy. We integrate global content delivery, promoting excellence in any language.

CLM speeds up global success with advanced, reliable language technologies you can depend upon.

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How easily do you manage translation?

MyStar is a secure and robust portal to easily track and manage translation status from enquiry to delivery with access to financials and productivity to stay in control. Configurable MyStar combines ease of use with practical functionality, with:

  • Web-based dashboard with at-a-glance status.
  • Configurable role- and task-based workflows.
  • Real-time statistics & financial reporting.
  • Archive Management.
  • Ready integration with your business systems.

MyStar provides open and easy access to stay in control of translation.

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MyStar Print

Is print integrated within your global information system?

MyStar Print is our technology for print-on demand. We provide high quality digital printing and services with data loading, warehousing, kitting and distribution services. MyStar Print completes the information life cycle: STAR is a one-stop solution to deliver global content from digital to traditional print and distribution.

MyStar Print provides on-demand digital print distributed wherever you need it.

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