Content Factory

How do you build your content factory?

It can be a major challenge getting everyone on the same page while reaching markets faster with increasing volumes of information, in more languages and deliverables. You need to manage information as a manufacturing system. To build your content factory you’ll tailor proven methods that drive consistency and messaging for your business while automating processes with best-fit technology. Here we focus on some of the fundamental building blocks for your content factory – terminology strategy, intelligent content, global readiness and language management. Let’s industrialize the production of global content!

Terminology Strategy

How do you ensure your message is accurate in any language?

Industry or company-specific key words, acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations can be bottlenecks to scaling your content efficiently. If applied wrongly or misunderstood, your key words risk undermining accuracy and credibility of your content. Since key words are often repeated, any inaccuracy or inconsistency may then resonate through your entire global content. At STAR, we have proven methods and tools to organize your terminology with clear rules of usage. By using words accurately and consistently in every language, you will deliver more effectively on your message, ensure technical accuracy, lower your costs and speed up time to market. We will be happy to get you started.

Let us ensure accuracy and consistency in any language by managing your terminology!

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Intelligent Content

How can compelling content break through a crowded sea of information?

The more content you deliver, the more painful and costly it can be. We’ll help you deliver the right content to the right customers at the right time in the right way, in any language. At STAR, we industrialize the process of global communication. Embracing traditional methods, we work as part of your team to seamlessly integrate your current business processes. We’ll also introduce proven intelligent content to structure and semantically categorize your global message. Customers will be able to find information when they need it in any language. Global content will be more agile to grow with new market opportunities. We’ll blend traditional communication with multimedia, animation, video and voice, and bring your vision and message to life while reducing costs and speeding up time to market.

Let us engineer your content to work for your customers worldwide!

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Global Readiness

How do you reduce translation costs in more languages, speed up time to market, while publishing relevant, personalized, intelligible and accurate content?

Because we know how to create content, we’re in the best position to localize it in any language. Whatever your content, we can help with internationalization of your software, products, marketing, messaging, positioning, graphics and more.
We assess your global and content readiness as a routine activity before translating a single word and during ongoing translation. We put everyone on the same page to work for common measurable goals. We’ll partner with you to prepare content for translation and manage your terminology consistently. We’ll prepare style guides and craft your original content to promote clarity, consistency and fidelity in any language.
Our strategy benefits everyone by reducing your costs and time. We become part of your team. Our global language teams understand your business as you do so that we can deliver compelling, accurate, and relevant content in the languages of your customers around the world.

It’s time for a new approach. Let’s help you make the most of the global marketplace.

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Language Strategy

Does scaling up your languages feel daunting?

You need a globalization partner who works as part of your team with the agility to scale up quickly and tailor the approach to your market. Our dedicated account and project managers offer years of trusted experience to manage languages centrally. They act as your single point of contact and their first priority is customer service. We’ll tell you what’s in your best interests and share proven methods and insights to deliver the best results across languages. We streamline and automate translation management so that our language professionals are free to focus on adding the distinctive value that gets your company noticed. Located in 30 countries, our 3,000 native language professionals are carefully selected to be industry-domain specialists for your business. At STAR, we’ve developed some of the most powerful cutting-edge technologies for centralized language management. Whether you need at-a-glance delivery status, reporting, workflow, review or enterprise-level multilingual content management, we have the right blend of fully integrated technologies offering the best reliability on the market. Our mission is to lessen the burden of language management on you. Our commitment is to deliver greater value while reducing the total cost and effort to reach overseas markets faster.

It’s time for you to take control and centralize your translation efforts.

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