STAR Group

STAR Group is a global content solutions company.

STAR USA is a member of STAR Group, a world leader in global content solutions to unify the information life cycle. We provide content strategy, authoring, language services, multilingual content and terminology management deploying our powerful technologies to accelerate global success. Established 30 years ago, STAR Group has grown organically into one of the largest privately-owned language solutions companies in the world. We’re consultancy-led, delivering stronger solutions by partnering with you to design smarter, integrated processes to transform information into an asset driving your global success. Our aim is to unify global communication and bring all departments and players into a conversation with their customers in any language. We’re here to upgrade your global readiness.

Successful History

STAR Group provides advanced global content solutions combining professional language services with content strategy. We unify content as products and services come to life from design planning, marketing, engineering, manufacture, training, workshop, publication, logistics to customer care. We help bring everyone into the same conversation, the one that speaks with your customers in any language.




Milion $

Our Global Village

Scale up your global readiness with our network of locations to accelerate delivery to markets worldwide. Our global village brings together experts in enterprise content strategy and language professionals with real local and industry knowledge to deliver your vision in 200 languages. We’ll build your content factory with advanced and secure technologies to unify global communication.





Around-the-Clock Talent.

Accelerate your global success. We’ll speak the language of all players to be a trusted member of your team. We’ll help make content smarter by design, connecting departments to transform information into a strategic asset. We’re ready to scale up for even the toughest globalization challenge, continuously building knowledge of your business needs. Your success is our success.





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    STAR Group Network

    STAR Group network operates an established network of 50 offices in 30 countries. Project managers, language experts, technical, marketing and corporate content specialists are at your disposal 24/7.


    Our partners are leaders in global content strategy providing consultancy services to unify global communication.