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At STAR, we deliver the highest quality, technically accurate and consistent global content solutions to healthcare, medical device and pharma language companies. Our industry and subject matter experts operate to regulatory norms and comply with industry standards. STAR provides the reliability and scalability you would expect from a world leader in language and technology solutions and specialists in life science supporting 200 languages.

Services & Technologies

We know translation is often the last barrier to cross before an international market release. As volumes of information and the number of languages increase, you need the fastest response times, flexibility and the commitment to go that extra mile. While quality assurance is a given, scalability and customer service is essential to handle peak volumes, multiple projects of the highest complexity and urgent delivery timeframes. At STAR, we dedicate a global supply chain as your local life science experts with full scalability thanks to in-house teams in 50 locations across 30 countries. Our semantic terminology and Translation Memory management technologies ensure context-rich reuse of the most relevant information over time across your organization, ensuring highest quality and consistency, continuously.

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Life Science companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Life Science companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Transparent central process for authoring, translation, review and publishing delivered by industry experts.


6th top language services and technology company worldwide.

Group Network

3,000 staff, 3,000 translators, 50 locations in 30 countries.


Integrated, simplified processes and technologies to manage global information development, translation and publishing on ever more devices and media.

Time & Cost Saving

Best efficiency gains thanks to content optimization and information reuse through the global content life cycle.


We’re the premier partner to major healthcare companies around the world.