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STAR provides comprehensive information solutions for machinery, tools and automation systems in any language. From risk analysis to technical specifications, from authoring support to technical translation, from user manuals to marketing, from printing to After Sales delivery and remote training, we provide subject matter experts who become trusted members of your team.

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At STAR, we are specialized across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our implementation plans and working methods are customized around customers and their technologies to shorten the learning curve. We come on-site to accelerate the path to becoming your product and system experts. Our advanced semantic terminology, Translation Memory and workflow technologies provide exceptional performance and will work with most file formats or come ready for integration with a wide range of systems to streamline efforts and keep costs both transparent and under control. Thanks to our global network of 50 locations across 30 countries, we’re present wherever your local factories or export markets may be based around the world. Delivering value where it matters. Our solutions are engineered to help you.

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Machinery tools and automation companies have selected the following solutions from STAR:

Machinery tools and automation companies have selected the following STAR technologies:



Technical translation and content strategy expertise.


Track record serving industry-leaders in automation and machinery tools.


Proven terminology and technical expertise in any language.


Ranked among the 6th best language and technology companies in the world.


Content optimization thanks to content strategy with highest re-use during translation.

Group Network

We’re a global company with 50 locations, across 30 countries.