STAR’s content management and language technologies are engineered for best performance.

We unify information with purpose. Over 30 years, STAR has pioneered solutions to engineer content. We bring all departments together to share knowledge and speed up the delivery of relevant information. We provide advanced after-sales solutions where information is updated intelligently within the manufacturing and engineering environment. Since we understand the challenges of writing and translation, we’ve designed our technologies with efficiency and knowledge sharing in mind. We provide a single solution for global delivery to integrate content creation, management, translation, localization, review, publication, printing and logistics. Our technologies function modularly and reliably. Today we continue to pioneer information engineering. Our virtual reality, CGI animation and audio visual products take users inside products and assemblies to show how to operate them easily. Take control with intelligent technologies to deliver global content.

Content Management

Transform information into a strategic asset with a global delivery system driving your mission home.

Workflow Engineering

Deliver information at the speed of manufacturing with modular, scalable and integrated workflows.

Language Technologies

Accelerate your global success with advanced, powerful and reliable language technologies.