Content Management

How do you share knowledge across the company to deliver faster solutions to customers?

We value information that solves problems and gives the right answers fast. We’ve been designing our content management technologies over 30 years with just these goals in mind: We transform information into insight. We bring all departments together to share knowledge, engineering some of the most advanced technology on the market. We do this by semantically categorizing and structuring content unifying information with purpose. As a result, our content management solutions have increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs while speeding time to market. Our industrial-strength technologies have an established reputation for solid reliability in even the most complex and demanding business environments. Start a real conversation with customers. Deliver intelligent content!


Do you have an intelligent content delivery system to reach customers faster around the world?

Our Global Real Time Information Processing Solution (GRIPS) is one of the most powerful and reliable solutions available to manufacture content. GRIPS provides advanced technology to store, structure, create, re-use, edit, share and publish global content intelligently as an agile and integrated business process. In GRIPS, we classify and structure information according to its relationship to your products, components, services, information type and language. We call this semantic intelligence. As a result, GRIPS delivers more powerful information faster to everyone, including technicians who repair faults faster with a single search connecting diagnostic, workshop, wiring, electrical, mechanical, troubleshooting and manufacturing systems. GRIPS provides advanced automation for knowledge sharing with on demand multi-channel publishing.

GRIPS: Take control of content management and transform information into an agile asset.

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Need to find the right information quickly?

4DQuery is our powerful Web-based solution to search across the enterprise to find the right information fast. Unlike bolt-on technologies, STAR’s suite of integrated semantic solutions are designed with end users in mind. Easy to set up, 4D Query enables you to configure your search criteria based on purpose and need. We deliver more relevent results with semantic intelligence. As a result, you’ll retrieve more relevant information.

4DQuery: Search easily mountains of information to find the right answer fast.

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How do you ensure best reuse while writing or editing?

Any business information – especially technical – can be highly repetitive. MindReader is our technology to support content creators and editors with semantic intelligence to repeat previously approved content. MindReader connects you with a powerful memory in your original language. The more you re-use souce content, the higher translation re-use will be across languages. Where translations have been carried out, re-use across those languages will be automatic, delivering major cost savings and speeding up time to market. Mindreader provides on-the-fly suggestions while writing and editing. Suggested topics or fragments are displayed with their original context (supporting multiple formats), detailing original purpose and frequency of reuse, with terminology management. You can customize your search criteria so that content suggestions are semantically enriched to find what you need quickly.

MindReader helps you stay on message in any language!

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How do you prevent errors in layout before publishing?

FormatChecker is a tool from STAR designed to help you spot typical errors in your layout automatically before sending files off for translation and before final publication. You can deploy FormatChecker to check your own projects or review those you have been given to approve. Correct issues quickly and learn practical tips for the future. MindReader will also provide a full analysis available as a quality report.

FormatChecker: Automate quality assurance!

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